Boxee TV offers over-the-air TV and cloud DVR for $99

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Oct 16, 2012
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  1. Boxee has officially announced the successor to its oddly-shaped set-top box for online and local video streaming. As detailed in a leak last week, the new Boxee TV merges over-the-air live TV broadcasts, online content and DVR functionality in a...

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  2. mevans336

    mevans336 TS Enthusiast Posts: 161   +11

    That's a nice looking device.

    I don't understand why Vimeo is included though? It's even included on the Apple TV, yet I can't any content on there worth watching. Am I missing something obvious?
  3. stbecker

    stbecker TS Rookie Posts: 32

    Just when I thought this would finally be the all-in-one solution to cut cable. Forget the cloud. Give me the option of buying whatever sized drive I wish. With the monthly fee, I'm unlikely to buy one.

    Besides building your own HTPC (been there, done that), what devices have a TV tuner, DVR functionality, online capabilities, and a remote all in one?
  4. This sounded good until I saw the monthly $15 fee. This Boxee system is $99 + $15/month for DVR. You can get a Magnovox 500 GB HDD/DVD Recorder plus tuner for $279 which = 1st year of Boxee (Unit + Fees), after which you are free and clear. I believe you can even upgrade the HD in the Magnovox to 1TB.
  5. mizkitty

    mizkitty TS Enthusiast Posts: 44   +11

    Sorry...but a coaxial cable input doesn't count as "local video streaming".

    Boxee just burned every customer they've had in the last 2 years. Check out all the angry comments from their "previously loyal" early adopters at the official blog.

    Forced obsolescence is a great business model...NOT...
    Might as well have changed their name and started a new company.
  6. Jesse

    Jesse TS Evangelist Posts: 358   +42

    The local video streaming is via network connection to a NFS, SMB, or other network share, just like the current Boxee.
  7. tonylukac

    tonylukac TS Evangelist Posts: 1,374   +69

    How do they do Netflix with linux?
  8. Jesse

    Jesse TS Evangelist Posts: 358   +42

    Probably the same way they do it on Android and Chrome OS

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