Boxee is apparently getting ready to revamp its set-top box offering with the introduction of a new Boxee TV model that merges over-the-air live TV broadcasts, online content and DVR functionality in a single device. That's according to leaked images obtained by The Verge, which show a D-Link made box that ditches the original's angular design for a more conventional rectangular shape and black matte case.

Calling on users to watch more free TV and stop spending money on stuff they don't watch, the new device features a TV tuner (complete with coax input) as well as an external antenna to watch live HD television available freely from local stations. Besides doing away with the need for a separate USB dongle for live broadcasts as the current unit requires, Boxee is adding the ability to record programming with a built-in hard drive for a more "cable-like" experience – no mention of how much storage will be available, though.

Recorded content will reportedly be accessible through multiple devices via Boxee's companion app on smartphones and tablets, and just like with the current Boxee Box model content from your personal library will be accessible through the new set-top box and streamed to your TV over the network. Other than that you'll be able to stream content from a number of online sources, of course.

The company also dropped the dual-sided remote in favor of a simpler design featuring buttons for play/pause, home, back, menu, and a four-way directional controller – no QWERTY keyboard.

The Boxee TV is currently available to a handful of beta testers with no firm release date yet. The Verge notes that the device isn't yet ready for prime time as the software is still unstable and prone to crashing.