Broken Screen, No VGA, HDMI is Picture Distorted

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Feb 9, 2015
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  1. My newest task is centered around an HP Pavilion 15-p033ca laptop with a broken screen. Replacing the screen is actually super simple but my issue lies elsewhere.

    Normally I would hook the laptop up to a monitor via VGA cable. This newer laptop only has an HDMI hook-up, so I hooked it up to my TV with that cable. The HP logo upon start up is semi-visible as the picture is distorted. So, before I spend money and order the screen my question is...

    Does an HDMI relay the Broken screens picture to the TV and that's why is messed up? or should the TV picture still be clear? Like when a broken screen laptop is hooked to an external monitor with a VGA and the external monitor works fine.

    I'm worried there may be an internal GPU or Mobo issue aside from the screen being broke.... Finally is there a better way I can test this instead?

    Thanks for any info or Ideas in advance!
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  2. DemonVenom

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  3. Tazo The Vault

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    Hey there

    You're right about the laptop monitor's lack of effect on the actual graphic display; I've done the same with many a busted laptop screen and as long as all cables/connections are good, everyone's happy. So my advice (if you haven't already) is to try another HDMI cable and pray that the one you tried first was the problem.

    If not, then sad times ahead. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will then be to check the HDMI port for a loose connection. If all else fails, there's definitely a GPU issue.
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    Thanks, The owner recently confessed it was stepped on. I'm waiting on the okay to crack it open and verify it isn't just a loose cable but something tells me there's likely to be some form board damage in there if it was stepped on! :(
  5. cliffordcooley

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    I don't know for certain, but it is possible busted monitors can confuse signaling in the GPU. If you can you should try the HDMI connection with the Laptop screen disconnected before drawing any final conclusions about the GPU. From what I understand Laptop screens are more integrated with the GPU than desktop screens. There is no telling what kind of glitches a bad screen may introduce into the GPU.
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  6. DemonVenom

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    Thank you! I appreciate the Tip!

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