Broni is epic

No question, just wanted to say that watching Broni work is like watching an epic Anime battle.

Heart rate elevated.
Leaning forward in my seat.
He whips out his super move.
Public is saved and eternally grateful.
Me: Sits back and audibly sighs in relief/exaustion.

Delete this if it breaks guidelines, I just hope he sees it!


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Agreed. I've been around here since almost the beginning (took some time off the past few years), and before I took time off Broni was doing his thing. In all the years before he came around, I saw several people doing what he does, and they also were very good at it. But eventually they became insane, no seriously, one went so bad he forced changes in moderator privs, he deleted not only every post he had every made, but deleted every thread he had ever posted in. That caused big problems of course, and TS's backups maybe weren't as great as they should have been, but I think TS learned on the backups, and also really restricted privs that mods had. So for me to be gone for a while and come back and see him still here doing his thing is astounding.
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