BSOD and now nothing

By dbonniwell
Jul 30, 2009
  1. Hello
    I have encountered the following problem

    Yesterday, all was well with my computer other than an OFF/ON button sticking ON. I noted no stange symtoms. Days before this BSOD things seemed just fine.

    Today: From a cold start, I go to boot up and I get the BSOD (So sorry I did not write down the information on it and I am kicking myself for that) I turned it off. Now when I try to reboot, I can get nothing to display. Not even all the garble you get during startup until Vista displays, nothing. I cannot get to safe mode or do anything. Its On, but completely useless. The monitor LED never turns Green indicating it is active.
    I have added no drivers as of late, but I did add the 4th stick of Ram about 4 months ago.
    The HDD light is active for a while but then stops blinking.
    ussually when I boot up the ''Num Lock'' on the keyboard lights up but now nothing, no Scroll Lock or Caps Lock light either. But the Red mouse LED for the tracking lights up.
    I do maintenance on a regular basis, (Virus Defrag adaware etc.) but have not done it recently. Other than adding a childs software game which runs just fine, I have done nothing to the system. However MS added an Update the other day when I shut down. I added an Update of Limewire too, but my system was fine for a while afterwards.
    Intel mobo Bad Axe mother board
    Intel E6600 CPU
    Vista Ultimate
    XFX 8800 V-Card
    Creative soundblaster card
    4GB Corsair Ram 1GB X 4
    Enermax 550Watt PSU
    If you have any ideas,please let me know

    from here
    I am going to check connections inside and out, then do Ram swapping, and then try my HDD on the other computer here.
    If I can get the BSOD again, I will write it down and post.
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