BSOD appears suddendly and while I'm not watching!

By jonnyfrost
Jan 8, 2011
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  1. Hi guys, I choses this title because they always appears as soon as I leave the pc for just few moment while it is moving files rom the HDD to the SSD or installing stuffs...
    Also I'm a new windows User, so I'm not confident about it that much... this is why I'm asking for your help about knowing what is making my OS Failing... (I may have LOTS of failure prone hardware devices, but since I can't read the files is it useless to talk about that now...

    here is the bug report:

    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1040

    Additional information about the problem:
    BCCode: 3b
    BCP1: 00000000C0000005
    BCP2: FFFFF880048A7817
    BCP3: FFFFF88008D5C900
    BCP4: 0000000000000000
    OS Version: 6_1_7600
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Product: 768_1

    Files that help describe the problem:

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    I've uploaded the two files in the zip attchment, and now let me explain the hardware... wich is kinda the painful part xD
    its it... an Asus g73jh

    Cpu: i7-720QM
    Gpu: Radeon HD5870M
    Ram: 8gb DDR3 1333MHZ (kingstone)
    Drive 1: 128gb SSD crucial C300 (with firmware 006, apparently is prone to freezes)
    Drive 2- Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500gb firmware 0003sdm1 (another freeze friendly drive, but with firmware 0001sdm1 or 0002sdm1 only APPARENTLY, not sure if it should be freeze-prone with my version)
    Windows 7 Home Premium 64

    do I miss something else?
    Thanks in advance to anyone that will help

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  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Your error is 0x3B and these are often caused by faulty video card drivers. In fact your dump specifically cites the ATI driver atikmdag.sys. Therefore...

    1. Download Driver Sweeper free version to your desktop screen and install.

    2. Download the latest diver(s) for your video card but don't install them.

    3. Uninstall your video card drivers and reboot your PC into Safe Mode. Run Driver Cleaner Pro or Driver Sweeper but ONLY for the video card drivers. I had someone use it on their chipset drivers! If it doesn't find any video card drivers that is quite okay; just leave all other drivers alone.

    4. Reboot and install new video card drivers.
  3. jonnyfrost

    jonnyfrost TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks, all done already, let's see how it will go!

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