BSOD At 'windows' load up screen

By bturnbull
May 23, 2007
  1. Basically, over the past few weeks i've read around trying to find someone with the same problems that i have, but with no luck.

    This is the first PC i have built for myself, but have made others which work fine.

    As the computer comes up to the black Windows screen with the loading bar, it hits about 2/3 of that bar and blue screens.. i have no time to see the blue screen error because it restarts instantly, but you can see it blue screens.

    As i cannot get on my pc, i'll post a general hardware spec:

    Processor: amd 4200+ dual core am2 pin
    Mobo: nFORCE4M-A
    RAM: 2gb corsair (2x 1gb sticks)
    HDD: 120gb.. unknown make - quite old but works fine in other PC's

    other ramdom hardware e.g. sound card, lan ports have been removed and i tried the pc without them.. they are not causing the problems.

    Thanks in advance if anyone has an idea to what i can do... all i can see it being is a hardware fault, in which case, i'll have to take it to a shop i guess..

    Thanks, brad
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    feel free to read the "NO POST" and other guides in the guides forum.
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