Bsod came back

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Mar 1, 2009
  1. well i thought it was fixed when i got latest drivers for my belkin game controller.its been about 2 weeks with np then the other night i was playing gh and it bsod.heres the mini dump please help!
  2. Route44

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    This indicates that the kernel has detected critical kernel code or data corruption.


    A driver has inadvertently, or deliberately, modified critical kernel code or data.

    A developer attempted to set a normal kernel breakpoint using a kernel debugger that was not attached when the system was started. Normal breakpoints (bp) can only be set if the debugger is attached at start time. Processor breakpoints (ba) can be set at any time.

    A hardware corruption occurred. For example, the kernel code or data could have been stored in memory that failed.

    Do the following:

    Scan for infections and then unistall and reinstall the latest drivers for your Belkin game controller.
  3. asutch

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    bsod still problem

    ok well tried what you suggested fine for about 3 days just bsed today and all i was doing was browsing the net.and just for more info the last time it bsed i wasnt useing the belken controller i was playing guitar hero.but like i said it just did it just browsing.anyway heres the mini dump i have run mem test all was well.
  4. Route44

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    Same error code as before and same read out in that analysis is inconclusive. Try one more time of uninstalling and reinstalling your Belkin drivers.

    Do you regain stability again?

    Also, did you scan for viruses?
  5. asutch

    asutch TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 18


    this is a new build its done this pretty much from the start cant remember if it started with the install of the belken controller.anyway last night when it bsoded i played gh for 1+1/2 hours can go for days np then boom.
  6. Route44

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    It could be that your Belkin card itself is bad.
  7. asutch

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    well the controller isnt new and when i am using it it works well.also it was always fine with my other comp running xp.only thing i can say is when i first installed the latest drivers for the belkin controller and rebooted it bsod on the reboot but then seemed ok.
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