BSOD directly after Windows XP shows then restarts

By TaintedGlory
Aug 29, 2006
  1. First off I'd just like to say hi to the community as this is my first post. Seems like a great place, very helpful.

    So I looked around these forums (Found them via a google search), and I've yet to find anything that solves my problem. Any help would be greatly apreciated if you've the time.

    What happens is I boot my computer up and it goes to the screen that allows me to choose if I want to boot the last known good config. or start normally.

    Choosing either of these results in the same shows the Windows XP Professional logo with the little slider that goes under, then goes to the BSOD, then as it does that it reboots before I have a chance to find out what the actual error is.

    I've tried pressing F8 to get to the advanced options and running safe mode, the same thing occurs. I've looked around the F8 options and can't seem to find the option so that it will not restart automatically so I can have a chance to read the BSOD. When I try to enter Safe Mode the computer loads up the drivers then hangs on the mup.sys driver. It just stops and restarts.

    Computer is homeade (A friend and I) Specs are:
    Intel Motherboard (Don't have the exact make/model on hand but can go look it up real quick)
    2.66 GHZ P4
    1Gig RAM
    256 MB PNY GeForce 6600
    Operating System is Windows Professional with no updates done to it
    Running the most current versions of Norton Anti Virus

    If someone could help I'd love that and I apreciate any time or effort put into aiding me.

    I'm not sure if I gave all the information that's necessary but I can provide more if someone is willing to help.
  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    You probably could try a few things, first boot off of the Windows XP cd and do a repair of the current installation. If that doesn't work you could either download a copy of Ultimate Boot CD or use Windows Recovery Console to try and repair the Master Boot Record. Try the Repair first and post the results and we'll take it from there.
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