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Sep 2, 2005
  1. i need help with by BSOD errors


    STOP 0x000000D1 (0x127F88C7, 0x00000002, 0x00000000, 0xF71BBB8F)

    USBPORT.SYS - address F71BBB8F base at F71B2000, datestamp 41107d62

    i have done several xp pro sp2 reinstalls to no avial. this error occurs at random and has been pissing me off. i have done BIOS update, all my drivers are up to date (mobo, video card, etc). i have charged the physically locations of my PCI cards, memory positions...
    sometimes my computer is just idleling and it crashes.

    P4 3.2Ghz
    Gigabyte 8PENXP mobo
    1GB Corsair TWINXMS 512MB 3200XL (2x512 in dual channel)
    Gigabyte X800XT AGP card
    Soundblaster Audigy2 ZS
    Promise Fasttrak S150 TX4 sata raid controller

    i have also removed the DPS2 power module that came with my machine but that has made little difference.

    any help would be appreciated.
    minidump files exclosed

  2. cpc2004

    cpc2004 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,994

    I've studied your dump and faulty ram is the culprit.
    Stack Trace
    ChildEBP RetAddr Args to Child
    f6450920 805a1368 00000001 00000001 7153624f nt!ExAllocatePoolWithTag+0x668 (FPO: [Non-Fpo])
    f6450948 805a174b e1b4dc78 f6450970 f6450964 nt!ObGetObjectSecurity+0x52 (FPO: [Non-Fpo])
    f6450974 806083a1 e1b4dc78 85ab06d8 00000001 nt!ObCheckObjectAccess+0x27 (FPO: [Non-Fpo])
    f64509c0 80608c06 e13314c8 0088eeb8 d7f8febc nt!CmpDoOpen+0x245 (FPO: [Non-Fpo])
    f6450bb4 805a0e75 0088eeb8 0088eeb8 85ab06d8 nt!CmpParseKey+0x552 (FPO: [Non-Fpo])
    f6450c2c 8059da7c 00000000 f6450c6c 00000040 nt!ObpLookupObjectName+0x539 (FPO: [Non-Fpo])
    f6450c80 805ff8e1 00000000 863c2828 000f0001 nt!ObOpenObjectByName+0xe8 (FPO: [Non-Fpo])
    f6450d50 805303c4 0213fba8 02000000 0213f4b4 nt!NtOpenKey+0x191 (FPO: [Non-Fpo])
    f6450d50 7ffe0304 0213fba8 02000000 0213f4b4 nt!KiSystemService+0xc9 (FPO: [0,0] TrapFrame @ f6450d64)
    0213f4dc 00000000 00000000 00000000 00000000 SharedUserData!SystemCallStub+0x4 (FPO: [0,0,0])
  3. xaser3

    xaser3 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for your help.

    the ram is only new as i only purchased it a month ago ... figures cause the bsod errors have been happening since then...
  4. gghartman

    gghartman TS Rookie

    i am needing of assistance cuz i am also having a problem with usbport.sys and for the love of god i cant figure out why. have run for hours diagnostics on system, memory, h.d. every thing internal and they pass the tests just fine. getting usbport.sys bsod on address f7b08cff

    this is an xp pro system with 512mb pc3200 memory. have done every thing that other sites have suggested to run and still periodically the dang thing blue screens me.

    any advice would be appreciated.
  5. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    Hello and welcome to Techspot.

    Please start a new thread in the Windows OS forum.

    Zip 5 or 6 of your latest minidumps together, and attach them in your new thread.

    You can find your minidumps in c:/windows/minidumps.

    Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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