BSOD on vista

By firednoodle
Mar 13, 2008
  1. It happens when i switch on my computer and it is still running some programs. Suddenly it turn to the blue screen and restart automatically.
    Here is the report:

    BCCode: 116
    BCP1: 843B3510
    BCP2: 8E73AFC0
    BCP3: 00000000
    BCP4: 00000002
    OS Version: 6_0_6000
    Service Pack: 0_0
    Product: 256_1
    my notebook is lenovo y310a and i have just purchased it for a few days. I have already check the ram by memtest and turn out it pass for all 7 tests. By the way, my vista is a traditional chinese version.
    my english is bad and hope you guys could help me to solve this problem.THX
  2. Code 116 usually points to the video drivers. Check for any updates.
  3. firednoodle

    firednoodle TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thx for reply. But i am quite sure that my video drivers are updated. So is there any other possibilities of having the problem?
  4. Route44

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    caravel's advice is sound. The driver cited in your minidump is nlvddmkm.sys which is an Nvidia video driver. If you google this driver you will see many people have experienced issues with it.

    How do you know you have the latest drivers? I would go to Lenovo's website and download all the latest updates for your laptop and see if that recitfies the issues.

    If not, your system is still under warrenty and tell them of your issues and that your error code is 0x116 and the name of the driver that is the probable cause.
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