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By bromberg · 11 replies
Jan 22, 2011
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  1. Upon booting up on my Vista Home Premium PC I am now receiveing the following error on a BLUE SCREEN of DEATH:

    STOP: 0x00000019 (0x0000000000000020,0xFFFFFA800852AAB0,0xFFFFFA800852AAD0,0x000000000402000E)

    How can I decipher this?

  2. Route44

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    FYI the mods will be your post to the appropriate BSOD forum. Meanwhile...

    How to find and post your Minidump Files:

    My Computer > C Drive > Windows Folder > Minidump Folder > Minidump Files.

    It is these files that we need (not the folder). Attach to your next post the five most recent dumps. Notice the Manage Attachments button at the bottom when you go to post the next time. You can Zip up to five files per Zip; if you only have one or two you don’t need to zip them, just attach as is. Please do us a favor and don’t Zip each one individually.
  3. bromberg

    bromberg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    3 dmp files for BSoD issue

    Attached are 3 dmp files. The BSoD is happening more frequently now and each time with a different STOP code ?!?
    See attached zip file.
    Thanks for any suggestions,

    Attached Files:

  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Your issue is with memory corruption. Therefore you’ll need to run memtest on your RAM.

    See the link below and follow the instructions. There is a newer version than what is listed; use the newer. If you need to see what the Memtest screen looks like go to reply #21. The third screen is the Memtest screen.

    Step1 - Let it run for a LONG time. The rule is a minimum of 7 Passes; the more Passes after 7 so much the better. The only exception is if you start getting errors before 7 Passes then you can skip to Step 2.

    There are 8 individual tests per Pass. Many people will start this test before going to bed and check it the next day.

    If you have errors you have corrupted memory and it needs to be replaced.

    Step 2 – Because of errors you need to run this test per stick of RAM. Take out one and run the test. Then take that one out and put the other in and run the test. If you start getting errors before 7 Passes you know that stick is corrupted and you don’t need to run the test any further on that stick.


    * Get back to us with the results.
  5. bromberg

    bromberg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    will followup on your MEMORY suggestion

    I assume you're referring to Memtest86 version 4.10 when you say "there is a newer version ..." so that is what I will download and run with.

    I take it that the built-in Vista memory test is not as intense as this download - correct?

    You referred to "reply #21" but I only see 20 replies at the topic62524 site, so I'll carry on regardless and get back to you.

    Thanks for you recommendation; any details/links you can provide as to how you arrived at your conclusion of my problem being a memory issue would be appreciated so I can learn from these frustrating experiences.

  6. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    1. Yes.

    2. Yes.

    3.#21 page 2 of said thread.

    4. Windows Windebugger with Symbol Packages to read minidump files. memory corruption was specifically cited as probable cause. By the facts that a) BSODs are occuring more frequently and b) that there are different error codes the symptoms already pointed to corrupted memory even before the files were read.
  7. bromberg

    bromberg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    booting from USB using MemTest

    I would prefer to use the option to boot from a USB key (rather than burn a CD) but when I go to the site they don't state Vista as being supported (see below):

    Download - Auto-installer for USB Key (Win 9x/2k/xp/7) *NEW!*

    Is this just an oversight since they do support XP & 7. I downloaded their 'exe' and its only ~180KB !?!

    Also, how do I tell my PC to boot from the USB key - I think its a BIOS setting but just want to verify.

    Thanks for your terrific support!

  8. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Yes, it is suprisingly a very small utility file but powerful!

    Honestly, I have never booted from a USB stick before so I don't want to answer without any working knowledge. Does your BIOS give you an option to place it as bootable?
  9. bromberg

    bromberg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    creating the MEMTEST cd

    Since my PC is still under warranty I'll just let them figure out the bad RAM stick and replace it.

    Though I'd like to run the memory test my BIOS doesn't have an option to boot from a USB thumb drive. Anyhow, this will be a good opportunity for me to copy the memtest 'exe' file to a CD and allow for other files to be added later (cheap as they are, I just can't see wasting a CD for a 180KB file). I've never done that before (ie, I always 'finalized' my CDs).

    Any thoughts?
  10. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Sorry if I missed it, but why do you not want to run it via CD?
  11. bromberg

    bromberg TS Rookie Topic Starter

    CD followup

    I figure running the program is a one-time shot so why waste a CD for a 180KB file; besides, no doubt they'll come out with a better version the next time I need it (hopefully never!). Just don't want to add to my clutter which is why I was hoping the USB thumb drive would be the way to go (since I could just erase the program when done and with a CD I'd have to trash it, which (cheap as they are) seems kind of wasteful. You convinced me I have a memory issue and whereas MemTest would have proven it I can wait til I get a read-write CD (which is probably a good thing to have) or else see if I don't have to finalize the CD I copy it to so I can use the other 700MB!

    Call me cheap but I prefer to think of myself as 'green' ;-)

    Thanks once again - you've been a terrific help!
    PS: BTW, have you used the pro version of Resplendence's "WhoCrashed" program and if so, is the extra info worth the price?
  12. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    As to your question: No. And I am glad I could be of help.

    I've used older versions of memtest because I have worked on older systems that didn't need the newest version. And besides CDs are really cheap. :D

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