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Apr 29, 2007
  1. Dear People,

    I am starting this post because I just cant figure out why my system reboots it self sometimes. It does this when I am either really active on the computer, watching movies or playing games or whatever, but it also happens when I am doing nothing and the system is completely idle. I can run my system straight for 5 days straight without anything happening, and then it can happen like every so many minutes. What I hear is that my harddrive suddenly shuts down, spins down, and then its all over. With either this BSOD or a complete reset

    Ok well first let me post my system specs overe here. Mind you this system is about 2 months old and ever since I build it I had these problems.

    CAse Thermaltake Armor 8000A
    PSU Enermax Liberty 620W
    Motherboard = Asus Striker Extreme (Bios 1004)
    Processor = Intel Core Duo E6700
    CPU Cooler ZALMAN 9700 LED
    RAM 2 GIG TwinX2048 6400C4PRO
    Graphics card XFX GeForce 7900GTX 512MB DDR3 Extreme Edition
    (PV-T71F-YDE (9,R))
    Soundcard Creative Labs XFI Music
    DVD drive= Nec 5800D
    CDWriter= NEC 4570
    Monitor = Dell 21 inch Triniton P1100 100mhz refreshrate 1024 768 rez
    network card= onboard
    Harddisk = 4x Western Digital Caviar SE WD3200ks 320 GB (7200rpm, SATA II, 16MB)
    Internet connection = ADSL 8 mbit down, 1024kbs up

    OS = WINXP with SP2 (fresh install) and all recent patches and updates from windows update
    DirectX version = 9c
    Chat programs = MSN messenger ( Ver 7.5 )
    Anti Virus program = Norton Anti Virus 2006
    Vid card drivers = Detonator 93.71 WHQL
    Chipset drivers = 9.53 WHQL Nvidia
    Soundcard drivers = latest version
    Internet explorer version = 6.0.2900.2180 with SP2
    Mail program used = Outlook Express

    Ok, Well thats my system. I also described my problem a little above but Il post a screenie here with the exact error, and ofcourse il write it down, its the following message. :

    DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL with code 0x000000D1 (00000000,0x00000002,0x00000008,0x00000000) but I just checked the minudump folder and well found some other errors. Il post them here to, I even found one that I could not find using google XD sooooo here are the codes.

    0x100000d1 (0x00000000, 0x00000002, 0x00000008, 0x00000000)
    0x1000008e (0xc0000005, 0x86468424, 0x947729c0, 0x00000000)
    0x00000019 (0x00000020, 0x86bf7001, 0x86bf7251, 0x1a4a4a00)
    0x100000be (0xb3846812, 0x1578d121, 0xb17e5904, 0x0000000b)

    Ok well, then you probally would like to know what I have tried and tested. Well naturally I did a memtest with good old memtest86 runned it for a whole day with 0 errors, I have run multiple test programs like PCMARK05 Sisoftware, HD-Tune, you name it. Every thing I have tried, nothing gave any results. Sooo I am out of things to do. So, I hope anyone can help me with this.

    I have attacked a file (which is actually a .rar file but renamed to zip) and a pic of the BSOD that I made with my digicam.

    Ok well I hope I you guys can help me with this one.

    Greetingss from LORD_DrDeathhand
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Can you redo your minidumps? WinZip does not recognize what you provided as valid.
  3. I think I've had a related problem...
    "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" seems to ring a bell..I'm not sure if it's the same error though. It likes to happen every once in a while. Next time it happens I'll have to post it on here. Nothing happens to the computer it just needs to be rebooted. Maybe it's a common XP bug? I know a lot of people complain about related problems.
  4. LORD_DrDeathhan

    LORD_DrDeathhan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok dude, new Minidump zip uploaded, so have a looksie at it! also, I just had an other crash, with AGAIN a different number, sooo I am getting mighty pissed, 2 crashes randomly in one day pffff.
  5. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    You are having some serious driver conflicts happening. I'll begin with your 4th minidump.

    1. It is error code 0x44 and is a tough bug to find because essentially you have two drivers attempting to access the same packet. The thing is one will dominate and bury the other driver attemting the same address packet. What those drivers are is the real work.

    2. Your first dump is the csrss.exe driver. This is the user-mode portion of the Win32 subsystem (with Win32.sys being the kernel-mode portion). Csrss stands for client/server run-time subsystem and is an essential subsystem that must be running at all times. Csrss is responsible for console windows, creating and/or deleting threads, and some parts of the 16-bit virtual MS-DOS environment.

    3. Your second dump is one I can definitely read with clarity. It is the NAVW32.exe driver for Norton Antivirus. When I saw that in your specs I went, uh oh, and it doesn't surprise me that something from Norton showed up. Trust me when I say, there are much better solutions for protection than Norton (besides being a systems hog).

    4. The third dump is also clear to read. It is the nvata.sys which is the Nvidia sata/raid driver for your motherboard and is a known issue.

    * Here is what I suggest trrying:

    a. Go to your motherboard's website and update the driver. See if that takes care of the issue.

    b. If "a" doesn't work than disable Norton and see if you receive anymore crashes. If the crashes do stop then I suggest going to the Security and Web forums and read the sticky on how to completely remove Norton. Either that or go to Norton's website and read up on any work arounds or patches.

    c. One other thing; I noted you have an Asus motherboard. While Asus make great boards, their boards are also picky about the RAM they use. Just to be sure, see if the RAM you are using is recommended by Asus for this board.

    * Hope this helped some.
  6. LORD_DrDeathhan

    LORD_DrDeathhan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yow man,

    Hey thank you very much man for all your efforts!

    :) NAV is gone, using Kasperski now. And ofcourse I have checked out the asus boards :) before I bought my ram, but yesterday I ran memtest all day and I got some memory errors, sooo I am sending it back RMA, sooo il be getting some new mem to.

    But man I really hope nvidia will come with some updated drives for the 680I chipset man. But again thanks for everything!!

    GReetingss from LORD_DrDeathhand
  7. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Kaspersky - Excellent! I have a strong feeling your PC is running a lot smoother.

    Running MemTest - Excellent! In the back of my mind I was wondering if memory might be an issue, but nothing came up. Still corrupted memory can cause all kinds of issues that don't appear to becaused due to RAM crapping out.

    BY the way, nice rig.
  8. LORD_DrDeathhan

    LORD_DrDeathhan TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Yea, the system is indeed running smoother man. And you are right, bad memory gives a system problems that dont show up on a normal way and cant be ID'd in a normal way, sooo back with this memory.

    Oww and I also run some other tests like Hot CPU tester Pro, and PC mark 05,they all came out OK with no errors. So hmmzzzz.

    And thanks for the compliment :) I think its a nice rigg to, some things wil change soon, gonna get me an 8800 card, a new soundcard, also XFI but somewhat higher model, and I think I am gonna add a raptor. But I have to say I had more problems with this rigg, with some strange things like these errors, but for example, also a slower feeling while working with the system, I could copy 15 things at the same time with my previous system and everything would still run smoothly, but for some reason it doesnt on this system, and well I REALLY suspect the SATA Nvidia drivers for this.

    thanks again for your help dude!

    GReetingss from LORD_DrDeathhand
  9. LORD_DrDeathhan

    LORD_DrDeathhan TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hello you all,

    An update, I had an other BSOD again pfffff, dont know what it was this time, but I have posted it online so check it out.

    Soooo il be getting a new set of ram soon, I hope that will solve all these frigging problems. And I am even thinking of RMAing my mobo cause, there is something really wrong with it.

    Anyways I wonder what made it crash this time.

    GReetingss from LORD_DrDeathhand
  10. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Your dump is pointing to a driver fault, specifically klif.sys which is of the Kaspersky anti-virus software. I suggest going to Kaspersky's forums and see if anyone else is experiencing the same issues.
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