BSOD's and other PC problems

By Rysor
Jul 24, 2012
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  1. I have been having issues with my PC for the better part of this year. The last few months I have been having bsod's and crashes that do not go to a blue screen, as well as my screen locking up where I have to manually shut down. I have also been having where all the applications I have open start saying not responding, which sometimes resolves itself and sometimes I have to restart before it works properly. Several times after having a bsod it will give me a message that my bios needs to be updated and asks for me to put in my mobo disk, then it boots ok. One time it told me that my windows was corrupt and so I re-installed windows, and since all my programs are on a different drive, I had to reinstall all of them as well, however I am still having the issues.

    I have run chkdsk on both my ssd that I have my OS installed on as well as my secondary hard drive that has everything else installed on, and it shows no problems.
    I have created a memtest86+ disk and run that on each stick of ram and on all 16 gig together, and it passes with no issues.
    I have defragmented my disk.

    Also in February I took my PC in to a repair place that friends recommended, because I could not post. I had tried to troubleshoot, but was not able to determine the cause of the issue. It ended up being that somehow my board had shorted out and so I RMA'd my mobo. I had also RMA'd my video card before that because I thought it was causing the issue. So, my video card and mobo are both almost new.

    I know this is a lengthy description, but hopefully someone will help me figure out what I need to do to fix the issues. I built this PC last February and can provide full specs if that is needed.

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