Build your own pc disaster

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May 19, 2003
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    Rick is right. I have an older Microstar 6330. It supports only up to an Athlon 1.4ghz. I tried putting a faster chip in it but it wouldn't boot. So I had to put the old one back in. It was manufactured by gateway. The funny thing is the older chip was really solid, heavier, and thicker than the new one. Feels like a fishing weight!

    You might want to get on Compaq's website, maybe if you input the serial # of the system where you pulled the board, it could tell you if the CPU is upgradable.

    My 6330 doesn't have an HD light. Only a power on light.
    And it only supports USB 1.0

    BTW- check this link:

    They're talking about the same issue. They say this: "For sure, you should be able to upgrade to a Palomino XP2100" you might require a BIOS update.
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    hi i also have an MS6553 mobo but have found that it is the same board used in other computers S462 AMD Athlon XP K7 Motherboard .....this is the spare part number on my mobo 261671-001 it is also the same as the above s462 pic of this board is at the following link

    also the name tyan came up in my searches
    hope this helps
    ps if you click on the pick to enlarge it th 2 pin conection next to the atx is the same by the way these pins are white blue wire = fan white wire = fan cmd
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