Building $900-1000 gaming PC, which parts to buy?

By Blargus33
May 11, 2011
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  1. Building my first pc, looking for some advice on which parts to buy, here's some info:

    * I want to build a gaming PC
    * I want to spend about $900-1000(that's not including shipping/tax to keep things simple).
    * I live in California, USA
    * I want to buy from newegg
    * I am not reusing any old parts from an earlier build
    * I haven't bought any parts yet
    * I do not need any peripherals
    * I don't have an OS and I want windows 7 home
    * Since this is my first time building a PC, I would like to avoid liquid cooling and stick with fans, I also don't plan on overclocking.
    * Full size case is fine; I don't plan on moving PC for lans etc.
    * I do modding on an older game which has trouble with radeon drivers, so I want a nVidia card.

    All help is appreciated :)

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