Building a coding machine becomes fun with the $99 Kano DIY computer

Shawn Knight

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Homebrewed computer kits have done a lot to promote programming, especially in schools and with the younger generation in general. But what if physically building the machine was just as exciting as what you could do with it when you...

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The wireless keyboard+trackpad looks amazing, after watching the video and realizing it's just a RPi with cables, chargers and the overpriced keyboard the first comment I made vanished


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I thought they will be putting PSU, RAM etc... together? This is pretty much buying your standard PC from the shop and plugging it all in. Not exactly "building" a computer. Nevertheless, pretty cool! I want one for my self, mainly to carry around. Awesome little machine.
Trying to make proper post however, does not allows you to post numbers with dollar or pound signs. The website gives error and I spend thirty min trying to find a way to post. Sorry for the spelling mistakes, mistakes and errors but I was tying to find why it did not allows me to post the original text by removing different part from it. But I hope you get the idea that it is just some guys trying to make money from people with less information about the possibility and the market.