Homebrewed computer kits have done a lot to promote programming, especially in schools and with the younger generation in general. But what if physically building the machine was just as exciting as what you could do with it when you power it on?

That's the idea behind Kano, the latest product to hit Kickstarter from the London-based company by the same name. The campaign describes the process of building the machine as being as simple as playing with Legos and based on images and videos seen thus far, that looks about right.

The kit includes a Raspberry Pi Model B board, an 8GB SD card preloaded with the Kano OS and Levels, a DIY speaker, Kano keyboard combo with built-in trackpad, a custom clear case for the machine, card mods and stencils, stickers (what kid doesn't love stickers?), HDMI and Mini-USB cables, a smart power plug with region pins available, a Wi-Fi dongle and illustrated instruction manuals to get you started.

A pledge of just $119 is all that's needed to get your name on the list for a Kano when they ship in mid-2014. The campaign has already blasted past the initial funding goal of $100,000 and currently sits at more than $478,000 pledged with 27 days remaining.

There aren't any stretch goals listed just yet but given the overwhelming success of the campaign thus far, I'd be surprised if we don't see some added incentives show up in the near future.