Bungie releases 'Destiny 2' PC beta trailer in 4K / 60FPS

Shawn Knight

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Bungie offered gamers their first hands-on look at Destiny 2 last month in the form of a beta for consoles. Now, it’s the PC’s turn.

The Destiny 2 beta for PC is set to kick off on August 28 for those that have pre-ordered the game (the general public will get to join in a day later). The action runs through August 31 although additional playtime isn’t out of the question.

The console beta, if you recall, was extended beyond its original end date. The same could happen on the PC but nothing has been announced yet.

PC players will be rewarded for their patience with a game that’ll be visually superior to what console players experienced… assuming of course that they have the hardware to make it happen. Destiny 2 supports resolutions of up to 4K with unlocked framerates. How good can that look? I’m glad you asked.

Bungie recently published its official PC open beta trailer to YouTube in glorious 4K 60FPS. If you’ve got the requisite 4K display and the hardware to back it up, you’ll want to check this one out in full-screen mode.

Destiny 2 launches on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6. Much like the beta, PC faithful will have to play the waiting game – until October 24, to be exact – before they’ll have their chance to pick up the game.

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Looks pretty... hope its actually fun and not buggy. Really looking forward to playing this on PC.
"In full-screen mode"? Is there anyone on this entire planet of Earth who (yes, WHO. Not THAT) doesn't view videos in full screen? I simply cannot believe anyone would do something so bizarre. That would be like... nope, I can't think of anything as stupid as not watching a video full screen.