Business users will decide when Windows 10 installations eclipse Windows 7


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Software analyst / hardware engineer here with 15 years experience, my father in the same business for over 35.

For some reason, whenever I read this on a post I know it's going to be biased. Boy I wasn't wrong.

I work with windows, on a corporate environment, where we have W10 on certain machines, I actually have a surface with it, and I love it, the same for my colleagues and the managers who get one.

So now we are left with a OS designed a hybrid that penalizes desktop users with a confusing start menu, failing updates (like the disabled logitech webcams when one of the last updates disable MPEJ streaming) and advertising in the start menu which I have to manually change if I don't want to see.
We have some REAAAAALLY verbal users when they get something they don't like, and you know what? Nope, nope and nope, no issues.

I think you are mixing your personal usage with work environments. Oh by the way I've been an engineer for only 3 years, not that it matters...