By how much should I upgrade my SSD-256 GB or 512 GB?

Usage of my laptop-:
I have old laptop 4-5 years old. I am from Nepal and here we don't have money to buy laptop every 5 years...And I am student from middle class family so currently buying laptop isn't affordable to me.

Here are details of my laptop

How I will use my laptop-:

1) I use it for learning. I open ~30 tabs at once in google chrome. That's why I have decided to go with 8 GB RAM.

2) I use it for learning programmig, specially my plan is web development or app development.

3) I will use this laptop till I get a job which will clearly take me 3-4 years to get a job as I am going to graduate after few months.

upgrading SSD and RAM-:
I have decided to take 256 GB ssd and 8 GB RAM. but what I am sceptical about is that should I get 256 GB SSD or 512 GB SSD. I want to buy 512 GB SSD only if it is very necessary, else I don't want to spend money on it. It should be worth the investment. I mean in the sense it should last long enough. The reason I am confused is that my hard disk might fail anytime. So IDK what to do, I am very confused...Please guide me.

The cost of 512 GB SSD is Rs. 8500 here in Nepal. Whereas the cost of 256 GB SSD is 3500 in Nepal. The cost of 8 GB RAM is Rs.5600. The reason I am trying to add RAM is simply because I open lots of tabs and during that time my memory usage is above 90%..


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<<Scratches head.....

We just had this conversation on this thread:

You said you were getting the 500GB and you were quoting some pretty cheap prices for a 1TB SSD so I didn't understand why.

In North America the 500GB SSD is the not as good bang for the buck as the 1TB SSD and the 256GB SSD is not a whole lot less compared to the 500GB model. It should be half but it isn't it is maybe 25% cheaper.

In my experience the 256GB SSD is fine for most people but that does not sound like you. It sounds like you want to get work done with this and 256GB is going to be tight. You could store files outside the laptop on an older spinning hard drive that might be easier to find and use.

You would need a hard drive dock (Thermaltake makes one) and of course some loose hard disk drives that you can use to store multiple copies of your files on. You are going to want to keep more than one copy of your files since those spinning hard drives tend to die quite suddenly and sometimes, without warning.

You didn't mention the make of the drive you are looking at. I quite like Samsung EVO and their Data Migration Tool works really well (Free).
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Well you should be more able to determine how much space you need. Me I like as much as a can get. I got a new All In One with 2TB SSD and a 2TB HD. Plus I have 2 external drives.