California is spending $20M to install solar panels over 1.6 miles of canals


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California and smart is what's called an oxymoron.

California is urging EV owners to not charge during peak hours.
Same times other states ask people to cut AC use.

And by the way. I'm against the ban of new smokers by 2035.
It should be 2030. California can do what is needed for their power grid by then.
In fact, the law should be no new smokers' registrations in their state. That way, they won't be able to buy a smoke pump in another state and bring it back to California. Hope they will be adding that soon. New York and Washington too.
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Some of us don't want to see the US end up like Europe who's about to learn what winter is like without Russian gas all because Europeans bought into the Greta Thunberg scam.

Europe is fine as we've reached all targets for gas storage. Most countries already have all of the gas they need and are just buying more to have a buffer in case of a harsh winter.

I am paying a lot for this year for electricity and gas, but I at least have something called "a conscience". I know why I'm paying more and I agree with it.

If you can't accept reality and buy into weird anti renewable energy propaganda then it's not my problem. It's not a scam.

This kinda shows that those that don't support such projects have no idea what is happening in the world.


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top 10 countries wind+solar:

#1 Denmark....
Denmark generates half of its electricity demand from wind, but it doesn't fill half its demand from wind. The bulk of all wind energy produced in Denmark is either exported or simply lost outright, due to overcapacity. That's the problem with variable sources like wind and solar -- you are always either generating too much, or too little. Denmark exports electricity (primarily to Norway, but some to Sweden) when wind generation is high, then buys back Norway's electricity when wind generation drops.

This reliance on variable wind power has also given Denmark one of the highest electricity costs in the world, roughly ten TIMES the rate we pay here in the USA:

Aug 18, 2022 (Reuters) "On Wednesday evening, electricity prices in Denmark reached the highest level on record. The price of one kilowatt hour in the Scandinavian country hit DKK 8.42 ($1.15) which is the highest level measured in 12 years...."


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They've been putting solar over canals in India for some time now. It's nice to see California catching up. Perhaps next they'll ban farms in the desert that use fossil water for irrigation? The whole southern half of the USA is running headlong towards a water crisis but very little seems to be being done.
Not another crisis