Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare unofficial sales figures are in

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Nov 14, 2014
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  1. The latest release in the storied Call of Duty franchise is off to a solid start. Advanced Warfare has sold a combined 3,722,031 at retail in the US. As we've seen before, Microsoft's platform was responsible for the most sales...

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  2. I would love to the sales figures for those who shoved this straight to ebay. My brother and his friend thought the whole jumping thing was completely sheeite. So both within a few minutes had it on eBay, and sold packed and ready for shipping to some other poor mug.
    I so hate the CoD franchise. I don't know why so many people flock to it, no I do, it's the whole sheep effect to haul *** to the latest FPS no matter how crap it is and never admit buyers remorse.
  3. Great game! The reason you have to relearn the Exo-suit abilities is the real attraction, otherwise it would have just been another COD with better Graphics, but you actually spend your time learning and having fun. Just my opinion!
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  4. EClyde

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    Is this another tunnel cake piece of crap
  5. Did they actually play it? The reason people play cod AW and games like that are because they are fun Im not going to spot some boring **** complaining about you but don't act like a depressed hipster
  6. melkiik

    melkiik TS Enthusiast Posts: 42   +10

    I do agree wih both sides, but I think Halo is Halo and a good call of duty, doesn't include Halo.
  7. This is the worst game known to man, I decided to try this since I hadn't picked up a COD since MW2, and am I glad I didn't. It is the same boring repetitive, no skill, no fun crap its always been. Played it online for an hour or 2 and just could not stand it, immediately on eBay and sold.
  8. I love that you have to Relearn the exo suit abilities, woo jumping in this game is different, its such a different game, and its not crap ....
    Mario with an exo suit... now that would of been way better
  9. Worst game? Let me guess, you play battlefield or halo?
  10. In my opinion, the worst call of duty. Futuristic, halo type features is not what call of duty is about. It's not what made COD as famous and as successful as it has been and it has no place here.
  11. It plays exactly like COD always has...but with double jumps. Its as good or as bad as all the others depending on your point of view. Personally I find it more interesting than I thought..but not as good as I hoped. Its sold almost 8million week one though...thats a hell of a achievement with next gen being so young.
  12. Could not stand ghosts...this game is fun as hell, many variant weapons and the spawns are nowhere near the level of horror as with ghosts. Definite learning curve to master the exo suit, but it's a fun game.
  13. Swifty

    Swifty TS Rookie

    Hanging in there for Advanced Ghosts. tic
  14. Technically.. those that buy every COD because its COD, are the hipsters. ;]
  15. S_Brideau

    S_Brideau TS Rookie Posts: 65

    They should probably have tried the classic playlist if they wanted to play the same way the old cod games play.

    As for me I think this is a good game, and completely different ways of moving with the new exo suit and abilities. Also I like most maps, which I can't say was the same with older cods, especially ghosts where most maps were bad. Anyway I won't be going back to older cods anytime soon.
  16. Neither.
    I hate Halo, every battlefield post BF3, and every CoD game that came after MW except for Black Ops 1.
    They're all rushed, it's as simple as that, the best publishers are companies like Konami and Rockstar since they actually don't rush their games for that 'Release every game a month before Christmas, so that everybody will be fighting to get their hands on our 'new' games.' time of year.

    What the video game industry has become is just a race to get their games out by November, so they'll release buggy, poorly programmed, poorly designed, and cookie cutter games, and then worry about patching/finish making their game when everything's done.

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