The latest release in the storied Call of Duty franchise is off to a solid start. Advanced Warfare has sold a combined 3,722,031 at retail in the US. As we've seen before, Microsoft's platform was responsible for the most sales at 1,293,397 followed by the PlayStation 4 which accounted for 1,249,181 copies sold according to unofficial sales figured provided by VGChartz.

Activision has been surprisingly mum with its official sales figures up to this point but here's what we know so far.

Earlier this week, the company revealed that Advanced Warfare launch sales were bigger than last year's release, Call of Duty: Ghosts. The admission was based on GfK Chart-Track in the UK as well as Activision's internal numbers (which they didn't publish).

We also have to remember that Ghosts didn't launch simultaneously on next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony. This fact alone would skew sales in favor of Advanced Warfare. Furthermore, the newest release when on sale a day early for those that pre-ordered the Day Zero edition.

To put things into perspective, VGChartz sales figures from Ghosts' launch week reveal 3,423,561 units sold at retail in the US. Add in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch sales, however, and that figure climbs to 4,163,984.

Given Activision's silence and the unofficial figures, it's probably safe to say that sales are slightly down this year. That said, however, the franchise is still immensely popular as evident by the fact that Advanced Warfare set a new record on Twitch for the most streamed console game of 2014.