Call of Duty cheaters face being permabanned from every current and future game in the...


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Great idea and 100% supported on this end BUT that comes with a simple requirement and that is manager of those bans must, upon demand, show the evidence to everyone. No excuses, no opinions, nothing but the facts. Once you've got them, you've got them but if there is a hint of a doubt you have to give them access. That doesn't mean you can't keep tracking them but you must remember the old rule ..... innocent until PROVEN guilty.
Sounds like you and others are going out of your way with zero justification or past history to fry the people giving is what we asked for.

"Innocent til proven guilty!"
"What if they are perma banned by mistake?"

Yet people get banned by the hundreds of thousands at a time. Are you fighting for them too? Are those bans justified? Look at your research and get back to me.

All I ask is you guys please stop. It hurts my brain to read this mess.


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I said BR replaced MP fps... not Minecraft or Xcom. Want stats, sales for COD are down every year since Warzone release while it makes record breaking profits. COD CDL is dead according to scump and everyone else because Warzone tourneys killed competitive COD.

I'm playing halo too, the problem with it and every other old school mp fps is a lack of replay value. The exceptions to that statement are Counter Strike and Valorant. Look at the numbers of any mp shooter 2 months after release.

BR games are the future of fps. They have been for years.

Oh and thanks for your toxic response, you should try to talk to people with a little less condescension and derision. Grow up!
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Nobody likes cheaters, and few people will object to them being permabanned from a game, but is banning someone from every previous, current, and future title in a franchise excessive?
No it is not excessive. Players cheating and continuing to allow them to cheat is excessive negligents.

Mr Majestyk

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All gaming companies should get together and ban them from every game. They should have "low life cheater" tattooed on their forehead in fluoro yellow ink.


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I hate cheaters. That being said, I couldn't possibly care less about any modern shooter. I'll pay for another CoD when it has LAN, modding support and zero MTX (never). Punishing should fit the crime and I'm skeptic this would work when the first Adler Lake user is punished by mistake, takes Activision to court and wins.


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Sounds excessive on the surface, but really I think it's not. I imagine if these CoD games are coming out this rapidly, that some cheaters figure if they're eventually caught and banned from *a* CoD game, well, the next one will be out soon anyway. Getting banned from *all* CoD games may make them think twice!


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You can't have private Battleroyale servers... it would never work. BR replaced traditional mp shooters. Check out BF2042 in a month, it'll be dead. We need kernel level anticheat and SBMM otherwise no life 2000 hour Warzone addicts like me will just slaughter all the noobs.

Oh and lifetime bans sound great!
And why wouldn't private BR servers work?

And invasive kernel level anticheat systems are stupid. They only work for a while and then cheats just bypass it. Just look at Valorant.

Knot Schure

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Chinese re-education camps ??? first time

2nd time - Asset pool for Chinese interbody parts exchange program.

3rd Time - there won't be a third time as 2nd time is very effective at stopping online cheating in Call of Duty


Gave me a laugh.


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I gave up on CoD Mobile because of cheaters. They should be as harsh as possible with the scum that breaks the gameplay and tears the community apart.