Call of Duty-stuck in tank repair!

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Jul 3, 2005
  1. I hope someone can help...I'm on the Eastern Front having been promoted out of Stalingrad. Presently trying to secure a German tank repair facility. I've cleared the ground level, basement level and tank workshop but am still being told to secure the facility.

    There appears to be a second floor above the repair shop but I can't find an access point. I've been back upstairs, outside and searched every room; I can even see Russian troops outside the workshop but I can't get to them either.

    Any suggestion?
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    I'm confused a bit. The tank storage/repair areas in Call of Duty don't have a basement IIRC. It sounds more like you're talking about the expansion pack, Call of Duty, United Offensive. If so, where are you now exactly? You do have to make your way to catwalks to get to where you need to go.
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    Thanks for the reply. I'm definitely in Call of Duty and NOT the expansion pack United Offensive. I've just been promoted to Sergeant and sent from Stalingrad to Warsaw. I have to clear out a factory which the Germans are using as a tank repair facility.
    I have re-tried the scenario several times in which my squad and I clear the outside area then blow the doors to the factory. We clear the initial defending troops in the corridor, my squad disappears to leave me to clear the next level down which has bunk rooms, communications etc. The corridor leads to a window where I can see fellow Russians engaging the enemy outside but I can't get to them. I use the sniper rifle to offer assistance and then move along the corridor to clear the tank repair area.

    Above the repair area is a series of walkways that I can't get to but there are Germans up there who I kill. I clear the repair area and can find no further resistance. Pressing "tab" I'm still told to secure the repair facility but can find no where to go except to re-trace my steps, which leads back outside to the parking area. There is no way out of this area. Going back inside reveals nothing new either!! Very confusing!!
    I'm sure it's a very SIMPLE error on my part but I can't work it out!! I'd love any suggestions!!
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    I believe you are in the Factory level. Anyway, I hope I'm correct in figuring out where you are. There is a doorway in the opposite corner from where you entered that large tank facility. Go through that doorway to find stairs that will take you up to the upper level of the factory.
  5. Rankin San

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    Thank you, problem solved!! The corner door was so dark I went past it several times and it was hard to see even when looking for it!!

    Anyway, I'm out of the repair facility and back in the action, so a big thanks once again.

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    Good. Glad we finally figured it out.
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