Can host on StarCraft, can't on WC3. Any suggestions?

By Cowbandit
Aug 4, 2010
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  1. Hi, I've recently downloaded warcraft 3 on my laptop, and I've tried hosting but no one is joining my games. So i've opened up ports 6112-6119, made sure that my ip matched ( matched with my input), and put the holes through my firewall (port 6112 and warcraft.exe).

    However, i've found that i'm only able to host on Starcraft and not warcraft 3 for some reason.

    Is it because the hosting system on WC3 is monopolized by hosting bots? Or is there some missing thing that I haven't done?

    I'm on a laptop running vista using a wireless connection.
  2. Flannelwarrior

    Flannelwarrior TS Rookie Posts: 131

    I don't know if this will help in your case, but even with ports open and holes in my firewall, the only way I could ever host in the original StarCraft was to bypass my wireless router and line straight into my modem. It didn't matter if I lined into my wireless router and used ethernet instead of wifi; it was the router itself that was making it so I couldn't host and had lots of latency issues. This information is accurate as of this time last year.

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