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Can I block ad banners with Westell Versalink 327w?

By aqua
Sep 22, 2009
  1. hey guys got this question since i know netgear router can do it.
    i was given a westell versalink 327w provided by verizon.
    and it would be great if this unit can block ads,banners for all browsers i run..

    i tried admuncher-trial..but i think it slow my browsing and i can't use it with all browsers.
    --fanboys list is good but is only for ff,opera and iron
    -there is a .xml file for 1e8 in private filtering made from fanboy list but it miss some adds and locks some sites.
    -privoxy is good but it still miss some adds,,is not regulary updated. goos but outdated,,there is a list make by sidki..that many confirms it works really good.,but i get lose when adding the updates..
    proxomitron by default cloas java,and i need hat to enter into hotmail and msn mails..

    -I READ in another site that lynksys router can block these ads and banners too.
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