Can windows updates cause my laptop to malfunction?

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Aug 20, 2010
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  1. I hope my title was okay!


    i need help!

    i'm not completely useless when it comes to computers, but i am definitely not close to even being considered a techie.
    but i'm working on it!

    my computer has been giving me trouble for the past couple of days.

    the problems:
    my computer won't shut down.
    i can not get my task manager to open.
    my computer recognizes the internet connection and even connects, but when i open a broswer it doesn't go online.

    my laptop has been installing a lot of windows updates. this could be because i keep doing the restores. but could it be downloading updates that are causing glitches in my system?

    details about each problem:

    it won't shut down correctly over 97% of the time. it will go to the logging off blue screen and sometimes it will even go as far as the shutting down screen, but never any further than that. i've been having to manually shut it down with the power button. i read that it could be because i have a program that is looping and not shutting down correctly.

    i'm not at home. i'm traveling, so i'm staying in a hotel. so i have a constant connection to internet. but still i can't seem to get online. i have a co worker who gets online fine, so i know it's not the hotels fault. on the taskbar at the bottom of my screen there IS an x across the online icon. but when i actually open the menu to connect to a network it says i'm connected.

    my task manager picks and chooses when it wants to open. lately it's been saying no the entire time. i've tried ctrl+alt+delete and i've also tried opening from the taskbar, but nothing. the green square icon appears on the bar, however, the the task manager itself refuses to manifest.

    i've done a full system scan and found two viruses which were contained and deleted. i've done numerous system restores. it says that my laptop is secure. i've tried to open it up by the last known good configuration. and still nothing.

    sometimes it will boot up right, other times it won't. and it all happens at once. if my task manager doesn't open up then i can't get on my internet and it doesn't shut down right which leads to meet having to shut it down manually. and of course when i reboot it'll ask me how i won't to proceed because windows failed to shut down correctly. then i begin the circle again.

    also it's been freezing when it goes to open my programs.

    any help would be VERY, VERY appreciated. i'm trying to avoid doing a full system restore because i have missplaced my writing software cd and i don't have the money to replace it.

    i'm running windows vista and i have an hp pavillion dv6000 and it's about three years old.

    i'm so sorry i don't know more precise details about my laptop, but again any help at all would be appreciated!

  2. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +184

    Hi des123

    From some of your symptoms, i suspect your system might still be infected. (sure sounds like it to me) I think would be wise to first get your system reviewed by the malware experts.

    Normally i'd instruct: Start here for Virus/Malware removal Instructions Attach your logs for review in Malware removal forum

    But since you have problems connecting:
    1) You might try resetting internet explorer
    2) Can you start in Safe mode with networking? then try getting online

    If nothing else, you might at least try posting in the Malware forums with your problem and see if they can help you get online to get scanned and get their "clean bill of health"

    good luck!
  3. des123

    des123 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for responding!
    i can get online in safe mode with networking.
    i've done a full system scan using malwarebytes. it found 3 viruses that norton did not find. one was the antivirus soft virus. it shuts down correctly in safe mode as well. but as soon as i go to open it up normally the problems happen again. no task manager. no internet. and it also won't shut down correctly.

    do you still recommend me posting in the malware removal forum?

    thanks so much again!
  4. Archean

    Archean TechSpot Paladin Posts: 5,690   +96

    Indeed you should, please correctly follow the instructions on the malware forum's 8 steps (link provided above by LA), and post your logs for analysis. Please be patient because it may take some time before you get the reply, as helpers on that forum is pretty busy usually.
  5. des123

    des123 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    will do!
    thanks so much!

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