Candy Crush is being made into a one-hour, live action game show that'll air on CBS

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Oct 19, 2016
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  1. Candy Crush Saga, the crowning jewel of Activision Blizzard’s recent $5.9 billion acquisition of social games company King Digital Entertainment, is being made into a live action game show.

    The hour-long show, created and executive produced by Matt Kunitz (Fear Factor, Deal or No Deal), will be broadcast on CBS and distributed internationally by Lionsgate. In it, teams of two people will use physical agility and wits to compete on what is described as enormous, interactive game boards that utilize next-generation technology.

    A host for the show will be announced at a later date, we’re told.

    If you’re immediate reaction involves a facepalm, you’re probably not alone. On second thought, however, it may not be such a bad idea when you consider how many game shows that sound absurd on paper end up being successful (remember Nick Arcade, Hollywood Squares or Legends of the Hidden Temple?).

    Although it’s been around for more than four years now, Candy Crush Saga is still immensely popular. Between it and sister title Candy Crush Soda Saga, an average of 18 billion game rounds are played every month by fans around the globe.

    The exact format of the show hasn’t yet been revealed nor we know what sort of prizes contestants will be competing for or even when it’s expected to go into production and subsequently air.

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  2. stewi0001

    stewi0001 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,681   +1,079

    Oh dear golly no....
  3. Uncle Al

    Uncle Al TS Evangelist Posts: 3,318   +1,967

    Booooorrrrrrriiiinnnnngggggggggg .......
  4. Skidmarksdeluxe

    Skidmarksdeluxe TS Evangelist Posts: 8,647   +3,274

    I remember some people talking about that game but it never looked like anything that would appeal to me so I never bothered wasting my uncapped, unshaped data to take a closer look at it. How it turns out to be as a game show? I don't know but I won't be sticking around to find out.
  5. MoeJoe

    MoeJoe TS Guru Posts: 709   +379

    This pretty much sums it up for Viacom.
  6. veLa

    veLa TS Evangelist Posts: 781   +235

    "At least we'll be able to milk the advertisers for one season."
  7. EClyde

    EClyde TS Evangelist Posts: 1,300   +427

    Far OUT! I have been a gamer since Doom. I have spent many hours playing shooters. I have spent 3 years on a daily basis playing Candy Crush. It is fun and once ya learn what they do it isn't so hard. What else ya gonna do in the crapper? I hate timed levels. BTW I won't watch the show but hope it is a success for the investors

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