Cannot see games in Red Alert 2 lobby when launched from GameSpy

By LeChuck
Aug 22, 2005
  1. Hello, I'm a big fan of Red Alert 2 but I can hardly play it online...

    When I launch the game through the GameSpy I go to NETWORK and I see the names of the other players, but I can't see the host's game in the Red Alert 2 lobby. I can only play if I make the game, and that only works from time to time.

    I've opened all the ports required by GameSpy and RedAlert 2 (I'm using Win XP), I've tried some stuff in the games's network setup but... nothing. Same problem.

    Any ideea about this? And, by the way, how is GameSpy setting up that LAN between internet computer? Can I change something there? Thanks :D !
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