Cannot start Windows Firewall\ICS

By bryan2k5 ยท 41 replies
Jun 16, 2005
  1. luv2playcs

    luv2playcs TS Member Posts: 59

    Ok,Here goes!

    the windows firewall cannot start because there is another Firewall conflicting with windows Firewall.

    here are my tests.i created Profile 2 then i went to services and Scroll down to Windows Firewall and disabled Profile 1 and tried to start it up.U need to redo your system
  2. luv2playcs

    luv2playcs TS Member Posts: 59


    I have Reformatted my Pc,and i would like to thank u guys for your suggestion.
  3. Kly

    Kly TS Rookie

    this fixes it

    go to start menu, run, type in the following:
    Netsh winsock reset
    it will run and the command screen will close on its own
    -go to: control panel, administrative tools, services:
    -scroll to: windows firewall/internet connection sharing and open
    -make sure startup type is automatic
    Then restart your computer, and you will be all set
  4. luv2playcs

    luv2playcs TS Member Posts: 59


    Thanks For Your suggestion but i already can use Win Firewall
  5. jhouse

    jhouse TS Rookie

    error 1075:the dependency service does not exist or has been mark for deletion

    can you help me how to figure this out?!?!?!?
    im trying to install my WINDOWS FIREWALL then the message showed up!!!
    what's the remedy for this?!?!?

    Anyone concern on my problem just post or email me
  6. luv2playcs

    luv2playcs TS Member Posts: 59


    U cannot install Windows Firewall!it is installed by windows!Try To Recover windows.But the problem is That WIndows Firewall Is conflicting with another windows Firewall
  7. jhouse

    jhouse TS Rookie


    That's what im tryin to say!
    I opened firewall but its it always says..... ICS
    the dependency......... deletion!
    help plsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  8. luv2playcs

    luv2playcs TS Member Posts: 59

    Looks Funny!

    Did U Stop The Firewall Service?I think u rilli need to recover of REDo your System!
  9. jhouse

    jhouse TS Rookie

    nope I didn't.....
    when I change my os from win 98 to xp sp2 I noticed that the firewall does not work. Next couple of days I try to run it but it didn't work!
    I dont know whats happennin!
    It always says " could not start firewall/ICS on your local Computer, the dependency service does not exist or has been mark for deletion."
  10. RSmith157

    RSmith157 TS Rookie

    Bryan2k5' Problem Above

    Hi does anyone - Bryan2k5 or Tech people in particular - know whether this problem was ever resolved?

    After the messages copied below were posted in June this year the trail went cold.

    As I have exactlty the same problem with exactlty the same virus found I would really like to know if he managed to sort out the firewall problem (System Restore is disabled too and I wondered if he encountered that).

    Rather than bothering him are you able to advise?

    Grateful for any help.


    " I ran a scan but it couldnt remove these three infections:


    what can I do to remove those? "

    " here are the three infections it found. Are these big problems?

    Virus File
    BKDR PRORAT.l C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\reginv.dll
    BKDR PRORAT.l C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\winkey.dll
    BKDR PRORAT.A C:\WINDOWS\services.exe "
  11. luv2playcs

    luv2playcs TS Member Posts: 59

    Quite Big!

    MAybe delete the file by going to the windows directory?
  12. RSmith157

    RSmith157 TS Rookie

    Not really the definitive response I was hoping for but thank you anyway. With a bit more googling I eventually solved the problem relatively easily. No major re-writes of the regisrty, no booting in safe mode are necessary and HJT wasn't enough.

    If anyone else experiences the same trouble it's basically the Backdoor Prorat virus that is the cause. If you type that into Google you'll find a link to a website where you can download a tool that eridicates it very easily. Once done you just need to reset things in Control Panel and Settings and it should be okay.

    Smashing - as we say here in the North of England!
  13. luv2playcs

    luv2playcs TS Member Posts: 59

  14. RSmith157

    RSmith157 TS Rookie

    You're very helpful but I'm not entirely sure you read my last message correctly. I know it's a Trojan and thankfully I got rid of it by downloading some software from here:

    If anyone else has the same problem, once you get the software, note that if you are prompted for a password you should type in "Pro" without the quotes. The button you need to click once it has been launched is the one with the Paintbrush.

    I personally need no more responses to the problem I posted yesterday.

  15. reynoldsrt

    reynoldsrt TS Rookie

    Thank God! You have solved it for me!!

    THIS FIXED THE PROBLEM FOR ME. I have tried everything else, and spent hours and hours researching the problem. What an easy fix--after all of the scans, etc. I've done. Thank you so much.
  16. relampagovivo

    relampagovivo TS Rookie

    I tried several things from the posts in this thread and could not get any of them to work.
    I finally dug up my XP Upgrade CD-ROM and ran the "Upgrade" option again. It restored all of the necessary files for the firewall and ICS service.
    There were also some other odd things the computer was doing thet went away afterwards.

    Hope this helps.
  17. luv2playcs

    luv2playcs TS Member Posts: 59

    Windows Firewall Sucks!

    Windows Firewall Sucks!it allows Hackers in.Try McAfee.its Quite GOod
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