Canon i8600 Won't Print Black Ink

By swainster
Aug 3, 2009
  1. About 3 years ago this month Tedster posted about the issue he was having with his Canon i860 printer - e.g., that it wouldn't print black. He went through considerable pains trying to fix the problem, and in his last post of that (now locked) thread he wrote, "I've decided to order a new print head.... We'll see how that goes."

    By now I'm sure you've figured out that I am experiencing exactly the same problem (yeah, 3 years later!). Canon support has (sorta) tried to help, but their suggestion is for me to take it to an "authorized" repair shop. I don't think so, thanks.

    So my question (to Tedster or anyone) is, did the new print head help, or no? (I suspect no.) I loved that printer, but I'm not convinced I want to spend $55-60 for a part I can't return and that won't fix the problem - and that costs about half of what a brand-new printer would cost (i.e., the PIXMA MP620 I just brought home).


  2. Tedster

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    in short - yes. If you have cleaned the head to no avail, then your only solution is replacing it.

    cheaper than a new printer? maybe. Depends on the model. A head will run about $40. Easy to swap out.
  3. swainster

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    Thanks for your response. One reason I asked at all is because after doing a 'google' search I found unsettling results - a few found who were dealing with this same issue said it made no difference and still didn't work after replacing the print head.

    Would you mind telling me where you purchased yours for ~$40? The lowest price I've found so far is ~$50 plus shipping.

    And one last question and I'll leave you alone: Is your i860 still working yet today, or have you replaced it ... and if the latter, what did you replace it with?

    Thanks again for your help!
  4. raybay

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    Occasionally, you will find the print head on eBay.. new for as low as $11 plus $6.75 shipping... but not everyday. There is also a compound made for those Canons that will clean the existing print head. If you don't see it on eBay for the i660, look under the listings for the Canon S9000 and others.
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