Can't access game sites

By GrnD563
Oct 5, 2005
  1. Hello my fellow playaz. I'm having a bit of a technical probelm, as I can't access a pair of my gaming websites, or there servers. The game I'm talking about is Ragnorok Online. I found early this morning I was disconnected from the game server, and then was unable to access either the site for the US or two of its more popular fansites.When I attempt to load them, it's as if they dont even exist. I am still capable of accessing the parent sites and Ragnorok's other internation sites.The files load and game client plays on other computers on my network. Things I have none are:

    1: unintsaled and reinstalled my USB Ethernet adapter.
    2: cleared the history, cleared cookies and other files.
    3. searched the hard drive for any programs possibly blacklisting Rag
    4. checked the game files, and deleted additonal downloads such as skins and music.
    5: checked the host file to make sure it was linking properly.
    6: virius scanned 3 times for rag hacker virus.
    Thank's for the help
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