Productivity Can't copy and paste bookmarks into email ???

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Firefox, Excite email, XP Home.

When I used Netscape w/Excite email, it wasn't a problem.
I could open the bookmark manager and copy and paste
bookmarks into emails.

Now it won't paste bookmarks into the same Excite email,
just using Firefox instead of Netscape.

I'm sure there's a reason, and more to the point a way to
allow it?



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I too have exactly the same problem.

I use Yahoo mail and can`t copy and paste from firefox into the email window. I can do this with no problems, if I use IE.

As far as I`m aware, this is a bug in Firefox. See HERE.

Sometimes I have problems with copy and paste in general. I wish the makers of Firefox, would get this bug fixed asap.

Regards Howard :)


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In FF, go to the bookmarks tab, right click, copy. Then paste into the email you want to send. Thats what i do, works every time, im not totally user how to do multiple ones but i will have a look for you.


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That's what I have been trying to do and no "Paste" option shows.

I did discover one thing - in the "Enhanced" email mode, where you
can do different fonts, colors, etc, there's an icon for "link" above the
email message box.

I did a test email where I clicked that icon which opened a window
including a box for a url, then went to the Bookmarks Manager and
did a normal Copy, then I was able to paste the bookmark into the
url spot, but it wouldn't let me continue from that point.

It looked like if you typed the url into the box it might work,
but that's certainly not what I want to have to do.

Just a small glitch but one that can be quite annoying. I often
send friends links and now I have to open a new Word doc and
paste the link in there. Then attach the Word doc to the email,
and assuming the receiver has Word, it seems to work. Clicking
on the link in Word gets Word to go onto the internet and find
the site in the link.

Very cumbersome, but so far I've found no other way.


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I just discovered something else.

When I use the keyboard shortcut for Paste, a dialogue box pops up
that says Cut/Copy/Paste aren't allowed for "unprivileged scripts"
(apparently what they're calling the Bookmark) for "security reasons".

It goes on to say Click OK to see a note at about how to
allow bookmarks to be pasted. The OK is in a small window in that box.
But when I click OK as instructed, the whole box just disappears.

So, it appears to be intentional, but they need to figure out how to
differentiate between saved Bookmarks and other scripts so that
Bookmarks CAN be copied/pasted into emails!


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you can try right clicking the bookmarks>properties then selecting the address to paste it into the email...

example, i'd go in firefox Bookmarks>Techspot Openboards (right click)>properties>Location (select all)>copy
then in the email >paste... see if that works.. (its a bit combursome but usualy does work..)
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