Cant find my Realtek high definition Audio in Device manger windows 10 64bit.

Hello I have just installed windows 10 for the first time ever. With a brand new computer. And my problem is I cant find the Realtek high defination audio in device manager. I will show you guys a print how it looks like. On the print you can see both in the sound and device manager. Isnt it really wierd that it cant find the device at all? When I choose show hidden devices in the device manager I still cant find it.

I have tried installed drivers from the motherboard page. I have tried several drivers, no one works. I dont get any errors or nothing. But nothing changes, still cant find it in sound or device manager.

My motherboard is a ASUS EX-A320M-Gaming. Does anyone have any idea how I solve this problem? Its a brand new computer. installed for the first time with windows 10 pro 64bit


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Another picture, and notice I have drivers installed atm. The latest version of the audio drivers from asus page.


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