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Can't find this tablet

By matrix86
Mar 16, 2011
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  1. Ok, so i've finally gotten to a point where I can't stand not owning a tablet. I'm not yet prepared to drop more than $400, though. I was looking at a rooted Nook Color, but found the Archos 9 which runs Windows 7 (i'd love to have a win 7 tablet...but i'm willing to consider the 101 which runs android) but then came across the Notion Ink Adam. The problem...I can't find it ANYWHERE!!! Was this item pulled? Should I even be wanting a tablet that I can't even find? I know it had a rough start, but after having seen a few videos, it may be in my top list (literally as it is on the upper end of the money range, lol).

    I've found the other tablets on ebay, but the Notion Ink is overpriced on there. A seller is selling the bottom line version ($375) for over $500! Finally found someone starting off below $200, but with 6 days left to go, I have a feeling it'll end up going over my budget.

    Anyway, just wondering if anyone knows how to go about finding this Adam tablet. My mind still isn't made up, but i've got 2 days off from work, so plenty of time to think about it, lol. Thanks for any help.
  2. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    Might not be out yet, but the Motorola Xoom will drop to $399 at Staples soon. I too would like Windows tablet but Windows 7 isn't really good on tablet and Windows 8 won't be out until next year for Tablets. They say end of the year but then how much would the tablet be? That's issue. Overcharging for Tablet's that cost anywhere from $60 and up.

    If you live in the USA you can go to any CVS Drug Store or CVS 24HR Pharmacy and pickup a $99 buck tablet running 700MHz, Android OS 2.1 with 4GB IS (internal storage) plus 32GB ES (external storage) 256MB RAM, 7" HD with 720p HDMI port, 2x USB one Full and one mini port. With that you can connect a USB wireless mouse or combo. There is even 3GB support. This tablet is made by the old Craig Electronics well it made for them. The good thing about this tablet you can root it and get Google Market on it. Once you do that you can access any app for it.

    Now the deal breaker if you have anyone you know who works for CVS you can get the tablet for $60 bucks. If not with the floating around 20 to 25% off coupon you can also get it for about $77 to $79. Still not a bad deal. You also have 90 day's to change your mind and get your money back but wait CVS gives you back more if you use their coupons and thus you can walk away with $22 bucks in a CVS Gift Card.

    Tablet looks like this:


    Well other than the above is the Coby KYROS MID7015-4G both have the same features except the Coby has 800MHz, 1080p output. Can play 3D Games. $139 to $249

    Next to that would be eLocity A7 1GHz Dual core, 512MB RAM with Android OS 2.2 same storage as the above, but you get CTS panel cost $299 to $349.
  3. matrix86

    matrix86 TS Guru Topic Starter Posts: 827   +32

    Thanks for all the info. I did find out that in order to get a Notion Ink Adam, you have to contact Notion Ink directly. The company is still in its infancy, and is having trouble keeping up with demand. You are essentially pre-ordering the tablet.

    I will look into the others you mentioned. I'm just worried about some of the knock off brands (like the epad, apad, etc etc). There are a lot of cheap tablets out there and i'm just unsure about buying them. There may be some very good cheap ones, and ones that will just be a waste of money. But i'll definitely be stopping by CVS tomorrow after doing a bit of research on these. And who knows...may wait for the Xoom.

    At first I was worried about the lack of flash on these cheap tablets, but rooting seems to be a fairly easy process, so obtaining flash support shouldn't be too hard. I just need to better educate myself with the cheaper tablets. When you're broke like me, $200-300 is about as much as you can afford to spend on a tablet. And even that hurts your wallet, lol. But, beggars can't be choosers :p

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