cant hear my vehicle sounds or phone calls gtasa

By steyr223
Aug 16, 2005
  1. hay dudes and uh dudets
    thanks to " kev32 " for solving my 0000000005 error in nfsu2

    i gots a new problem
    I've been playing gtasa for a couple months now ( pc )
    and having interminit audio problems (nothing serious)looses sound
    when it rains or an explotion occurs or some loud or different noise
    but always comes back in a few minutes

    for some reason my system came up with no mixer present when i tried to play a song needless to say no sound anywhere

    i updated my catalina 7.1 audio card through device manager(don't normally
    do that way)

    fired up gtasa and was blown away by the actuall surround tires sckreeching
    from the rear right , gun shots from rear left etc......
    then i noticed when i answerd my phone no voice (mine or other party)
    also can't here my engine (plane,car,motocycle)

    are these sounds possably midi or maybe a different file format(association)

    any help would be appreciated


    amd3200 | nf3250gb | nvidia gfx 256gb ve |
    2 x 512 (both @200 in bios) | 300gb maxtor | 160gb 10,000 rpm sata | sony and plextor dvd r/w | winxp pro | saitek gamers kb and x52 flight system |
    logitech mx1000 mouse and momo wheel/pedals | midland 7.1 surround|
    catalina sound card| 19' sony flat screen | naturalpoints trackIR edimentionals 3d glasses | voice buddy recognition hardware and software | adelphia cable
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