Can't install software in WinXpx64

By pioneerx01
Sep 26, 2007
  1. I have recently build a brand new system with WinXPx64 on it. (to support all my 4GB of RAM). I need to be able to use Sony Vegas 7 and DVD Architect 4, as they are vital to my work. However, during the installation I get bunch of error messages and the end result is that I can't install anything. I firmly believe that it is due to WinXPx64. (if you don't think so please let me know) Is there any way of bypassing the problems and install to Sony apps on WinXPx64? I really don't want to downgrade to WinXPx32 and get only 2.75GB or RAM.
    Thanks for your help
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  3. pioneerx01

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    I have already contacted the manufacturer about this problem and I await their response.
    I will read the article
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