Can't log onto computer locally

By sdp
Aug 7, 2007
  1. I have a computer (win XP Pro) that has gone haywire at work and I can't log into the computer locally or in the domain.

    The computer was joined to the company domain. Logging in required the Ctrl-Alt-Del... Due to lack of ethernet ports we used a Linksys router to temporarily provide an uplink for several computers in the Lab. In the meantime we ordered a Dlink Switch. When the switch arrived I swapped out the router with the switch and connected this computer to the switch. It could not log into the domain even though I could ping the server and access the internet via our router (with DHCP). I also got RPC Locator warning that poped up. I don't remember the warning except that it didn't work

    In frustration and lack of time, I connected his computer to a direct ethernet line (one that connects to the main company switches) and everything was great.

    The next week, I decided to try things out again. I connected to the new switch again with no success. However, now comes the strange part. After reconnecting the PC to the direct ethernet line, I could no longer log in under any account name, even the domain administrator. What makes it even worse is that the option to chose the Domain name or Local under the Ctrl-Alt-Del login is now gone. It's forcing me into the Domain, but it wont talk to the domain so I can't log in at all...

    I'm currently trying a security loophole where you reinstall windows do some keystrokes to get to a dos prompt where you then run NUSERMGR.CPL. I changed passwords and added a couple of users. I also ram MMC and added a Computer Management snap in where I was able to change the settings to not require passwords.

    The install is now stuck at 34 minutes. IDK if it will recover overnight. We'll see.

    So if anyone has some ideas as to why this all happened and why this PC won't communicate through the new switch, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
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