cant login to router in IE

By Prevs ยท 4 replies
Nov 3, 2006
  1. The strangest thing, I generally surf the net with firefox and mostly use IE for logging into my router because my router wasn't compatible with firefox initially before I upgraded the firmware. But for some reason I can loginto my router through IE it works through firefox though fine. I wonder I read somwhere you should reinstall xp every 3 months I'm starting to believe its true because xp starts doing weird stuff for no reason after a while :suspiciou
  2. smore9648

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    Why would you have to re-install XP every three months? I have had XP since 2001 and I have had issues with the OS itself.

    You might want to check you firewall when you try to access the router. Some firewalls are not as friendly as others when it comes to the router.
  3. Prevs

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    checked the firewall that I even disabled it.
  4. sande

    sande TS Rookie

    Just noticed your thread and thought I would share info with a similar problem. I could not login to my adsl modem via IE. I could ping the modem fine. Turned out all I needed to do was delete cookies and temporary internet files from IE and then it worked fine.

  5. taolpha

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    I agree with sande completely. That is the first thing I would try in your situation. As far as reinstalling every three months that could be your software load. My usual process was to reinstall every six to twelve months but since came along. Also focused on sliming down my applications where I could. Thinking of implementing VMWare in the future to test all apps before installing on my main computer.
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