can't play tiger woods 2005 online

By tootz782000 ยท 7 replies
Nov 9, 2004
  1. i am tryin to play my brother at tiger woods 2005 online usin a direct ip but it keeps sayin that there is no game being hosted. he is playin on a laptop using a broad band connection can any1 help please
  2. young&wild

    young&wild TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 993

    Have you made sure that you've keyed in the correct IP address?
  3. poertner_1274

    poertner_1274 secroF laicepS topShceT Posts: 4,172

    You should probably have him turn off his firewall as well, or adjust it to allow incoming attempts on certain ports for Tiger Woods.
  4. tootz782000

    tootz782000 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    how do i know what ports to use?
  5. stlheadake

    stlheadake TS Rookie

    I can't start a game

    I can get connected, I log in, go to online lobby. Create a room, invite my brother, but can't get game started after that. If he issues me a challenge, I accept, and get the connecting to user message which fails every time. We have played other EA online games just fine, but can't get tiger going.

    Any thoughts?

    I am connecting DSL, I'm sure it is a functional connection (we played baseball earlier with no probs)

    I hope someone has some ideas...

  6. timchay

    timchay TS Rookie


    is this a game you have got at a store or is it burn cd that was done for you

    I do know that some games if there are copy they will not work online for you to play with outhers :hotbounce
  7. stlheadake

    stlheadake TS Rookie

    I bought this game. I can get in, but just won't connect to other users...there must be some setting or something. Very frustrating!
  8. Fist of Fury 2k

    Fist of Fury 2k TS Rookie

    Hi you talk about creating a room ? That facilty hasn't been available since the 2002 version.

    When you first went on line I take it your game was patched automatically?

    If so you should just click on match up lobby........once in create match up,,,,,,,,,,if you want the serve to chose settings just type in anything at top right for name and then hit next and chose want to chose yourself hit custom and follow your nose.

    When you have set your ping shows in lobby to the right of your name and if it's below 300 you should be able to start as soon as your bro joins.

    If you can type in the lobby and it comes up instantly then you should have no problem playing.

    If you have downloaded a course from tiger woods community e.g. the you have to go to easports own site click sports then golf at top and that will display the different tw2005 and it takes you to page where you can download the patch for playing non custom courses.

    The server does play up now and then.....(understatement) but really you should have no problem..........Check and make sure you chose to play on line when you installed if you did you will find it here C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\EA SPORTS online if it's not there reinatall your games.
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