Can't read error message on blue screen of death

By alwaysAmission · 7 replies
Sep 13, 2008
  1. Hı there

    I dont vısıt thıs sıte to much so ım a bıt unsure of where to post, could some1 please advıse, thıs ıs my problem and ıf ım ın the wrong place to post can someone move me or dırect me to the rıght place ....thanks

    I have a blue screen to deal wıth but am unable to see the error message before the reboot.
    I have a budget project consıstıng of,

    lanparty nf4 slı dr Motherboard

    Anthlon 3800 Cpu

    2 nvıdıa geforce 7600gt graphıcs cards (just the one ın untıll ı can get booted)

    ım tryıng all dıfferent memory and the boards passes them on the tests

    ı started wıth a 20pın psu wıch was wrong ı know, but what has got me puzzled ıs that ı have now bought a 24pın 500w suıtable psu but stıll get to exactly the same part of bootıng when the sytem restarts.

    at fırst ı thought ıt was obvıously due to lack of power to the board becuase of usıng the 20 pın psu but ım now completely confused as to what ıt could be as ı get to the exact same place as ı dıd before and thats just past the post and up to the wındows logo and then the blue screen appears and the system restarts before ı can read any part of ıt.

    any help or dırectıons to where ı could fınd an answer to my problem would be most helpfull,


    regards nıck!
  2. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Since we don't have any solid information to lend dirtection I call your attention to this link and encourage you to read and follow the advice and steps given. It will certainly give direction.

    Let us know if you have or have not resolved your issue(s).
  3. alwaysAmission

    alwaysAmission TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi there thank you for the response and link, some interesting reading

    i am going to try to explain in detail as much as i can what the problem is, the symptoms and what i think i have ruled out according to the guide, but i aint to good with wording so please bear with me...

    1st the suggestion to load in safe mode and install drivers for the g/card, i cannot get into windows at all should i try another wat of installin the drivers and if so how??

    2nd on the list was more info on wether the equiptment has ever worked and the answer to that is no ive been stuggling for months on and off to try and solve this one with no progress no matter what i tried. i will include more info on the equiptment at the end of the post so scroll down and let me know what else needs to be included.

    3rd i saw somthing about setting the pc to not halt on errors but i cannot as again i cannot get in to windows but i have set the bios not to halt on errors but this had no effect on the situation.

    4th on the list is the psu theory wich i think is a bit unlikely due to the fact of the pc restarting at exactly the same point as when using a 20pin psu. spec at the end of post, however i did notice something written on my new psu box under connectors wich caught my attension "6 pin power connector for pci express graphics card x 1" i cannot find a home for it anywhere and the mother board does not list it as a power connector.

    5th my psu requirement according to eXtreme Power Supply Calculator Lite v2.5 are under 300w as i have only attached necessary equiptment.

    6th next i was drawn to the theory of overheating so i have tried allowing the pc to keep rebooting and left it iddle in the bios screen and connecting more and less power hungry components but it still reboots at the exact same point(just as the windows loading logo apears) so i dont think it could be over heating as it would do so at different times, especialy when trying the 20 pin psu.

    7th the memory, now i cant tell you the makes and speeds of all the ram i have coz lots of it is unlabbelled but i have alot of chips to try. The board has onboard memtest and lots of the chips do work and pass the memtest successfully but as the pc still boot at the exact same time when i try all different memory chips also deters me away from believing it could be fualty ram.

    8th i have tried a new xp instalation and have also tried taking a known working hdd from my working tower and yet again the same restart point just at the win logo.

    ok so no more detail about the condition and spec of the equiptment.

    the mobo was bought off of ebay 2nd hand and is the Lanparty Nf4 Sli DR model

    the cpu is an anthlon 3800+ 2400mhz vennice core 1.40v bought new from ebay power seller

    the cards are second hand from ebay but are unlikely to be the fault as the restart problem is the same with both card and i think it to be unlikely.

    the first psu is a known working 20 pin atx 500w psu, im not sure on the make it does have allot of connectors including the 4pin that goes in the board SEPERATE from the main connector but not one for the additional one that clips together to make the 24pin main connector. it cost me arround £45 from ebay from a power seller and was innitialy my worry about power being supplied due to it not being the right psu for the board and not having the required additional 4 pin connector but after reaching the stage of again forking out £50 for a new psu from maplins with the required connectors and stumbling on the exact same problem i am well out of ideas and desparatly in need of a little advice on where to go next as this low budget project is becoming an out of date piece of machinery lol

    the spec for the new psu are as follows

    X-Power 500td input-230v---50hz---10a

    output +3.3v=36a +5v=36a +12v 20a +5vsb =2a

    i appologise for the essay type post but im realy not that good with words and i am trying to provide as much info as i know how to so again i am sorry.

    please help me figure out whats going on here

    thanks for your patience

    regards nick

    ps just ask if any more info is required
  4. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    A. Do you know how to get into safe mode?

    B. As I look at your specs one thing that does stand out for me is your need for 2 gigs of RAM.

    C. If you can get into BIOS then you can run memtest and I am not talking about your onboard option.

    You'll need another PC to do this or a laptop in order to do #1..

    1. Download MemTest and burn to a CD.

    2. Go to your BIOS and place your CD/DVD drive as first bootable. (BIOS will load before the Splash Screen. As soon as your PC starts keep hitting the Delete key until you are in the BIOS)

    3. Reboot with the CD already in the drive. The test will take over. This takes a long time.

    4. Run for a minimum of 7 passes. There are 8 individual tests per PASS. This takes a long time but well worth it. Many people start it before going to bed and check it in the morning.

    5. If you have errors you have corrupted memory that must be replaced. If you have more than one stick of memory you should run this test on each stick to determine if one or all are corrupted.
  5. alwaysAmission

    alwaysAmission TS Rookie Topic Starter

    a: does not matter if i select safe mode, last know config or normal it restarts at the same point

    b: would i really need 2gigs just to boot? i have a gig stick and other lower sticks that i will perform the memtest on tommorow and get back to you but realy, why would i need such an ammount? with nothing running surely a gig will be enough to get me going wouldnt it?
    and wouldnt the fact that the restart being at the same point on whatever ram i use even a 256 chip steer you away from the idea of ram or am i just being to logical minded for my own good lol.

    thanks again ill check back when i have the results of the memtest but in the meantime if you ar anyone else has other suggestions that i could try while waiting for all the memtests to finnish then please dont hesitate.

    thanks again

  6. Route44

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    No, you don't need 2 gigs to memtest. Since you have only one installed it certainly will make it simpler. :)
  7. alwaysAmission

    alwaysAmission TS Rookie Topic Starter

    i shouldnt in theory require that much just to get windows to load either should i m8?
  8. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

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