Can't repair xp after new motherboard

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Apr 17, 2008
  1. Hi

    I've swapped motherboard (+processor & memory) because of failure of old motherboard. I'm now trying to get everything up and running again. Having read a number of threads in various places I was clear that a repair installation of XP (Home) was necessary, no problem so I thought. I was wrong I can go through the process of booting up onto my repair CD, select install then the repair my existing installation. It goes through the checking and copying files bit then reboots. This is where things go horribly wrong. It starts trying to load windows then goes to the dreaded blue screen with a Stop 0x0000007E etc message and I'm unable to get any further.

    Any ideas of ways out of this hole would be greatfully recieved
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    Can be a driver installed that is causing a conflict
    If you have addon cards, like PCI-Express video card, or extra sound card; please remove it first

    Also can be your Ram is faulty, you can try Memtest (bootable ISO CD) to test Ram for 7 Passes

    Zenosincks just got in
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    Lol, not sure what you mean by I "just got in", but I don't own this thread or something :p. Anyone is free to post here, kimsland.
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    Cheers Zenosincks, the first article could apply - I have indeed changed from Intel to AMD and the OS was installed when I bought the computer so it could be down to Sysprep. If so are there any work arounds? - the reformat option would be seriously unpopular so I'm happy to give some other things a try first.

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    Sorry for long delay before posting to say problem was solved, but I got it sorted in the end. I took the hard drive out of an old computer hitched that up to the new motherboard installed XP on that which allowed me to then back up data to a external drive so I could do a reformat and install from scratch. So overall everything ended happily.

    Cheers for the help and advice
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