Cant run more than 1 USB device.

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Jan 21, 2008
  1. Cybersciver

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    That last one was meant for D Gower, This one is for Pioneerx01:-

    USB is 5volts and max 500milliamps. The specification states that with a computer as host up to 127 USB peripherals with 5 levels of hubs can be connected to a single host controller. (I'd like to see that!). So you should be able to run your printer, scanner, flashdrive, keyboard, mouse & whatever else you come up with via an appropriate size USB (powered) hub. If you need more ports the hubs can be daisy-chained.
  2. Tokyopete

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    Your USB 2 drivers are not installed correctly. Either your motherboard CD or your USB 2 driver install disk will take care of the problem. If you have a separate USB 2 install disk use it but IF the motherboard CD also has a USB 2 driver, make sure you install that one first.
    Then check with device manager on confirm that the USB 2 drivers (four of five of them) are shown.
    I had to do this myself.
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