Can't run oblivion on an inspiron 6400?

By Scolaire ยท 6 replies
May 23, 2006
  1. Got a Dell inspiron, tried to run Oblivion after hearing all the rave reviews only to find (after installing to medium capacity) that when I clicked play it "encountered problems opening this device"...any advice?

    ProcessorProcessor type Core Duo
    Clock speed 1.66 GHz
    RAMRAM installed size 1 GB
    RAM Technology DDR SDRAM
    Display (Projector)Display (projector) diagonal size 15.4 in
    Video OutputGraphics processor ATI MOBILITY RADEON X1300 HyperMemory
    Video MemoryVideo RAM installed 128 MB
    Storage Hard DriveHard drive 60 GB
    Optical StorageCD / DVD type DVD-ROM
    OS ProvidedOS provided Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
  2. paranoid guy

    paranoid guy TS Rookie Posts: 420

    I don't understand, do you mean you had it half way installed or the game was half way loaded?
    It's strange, I'll give you that. Your specs are at least enough to run the game but I have heard and read here that a lot of people are having problems running this game, it's very demanding. Unfortunately I don't own oblivion. I hope someone else here has some ideas.
  3. noleson

    noleson TS Rookie

    Oblivion is very demanding, you might want to look in to getting a new gpu. what type of motherboard do you have? i'll look into it more when i get off work. the game is awesome. gameplay is steller and graphics are insane. you'll be glad to get is running when you do.
  4. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    He can't upgrade the graphic card because it is a laptop.

    (there is only a few brands that allow upgrade for the graphic card on a laptop)
  5. Scolaire

    Scolaire TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 39

    First things first, thanks for the replys. I checked the support pages at and my system meets the minimum and the recommended requirements, the latter barely. It couldn't possibly be that my graphics card is too old, could it? I was under the impression that this was a fairly decent card. Also, my system meets the recommended requirements. I don't even if it won't be the most graphically mind-blowing experience ever, but to not even be able to play the game is really disappointing.
    Do you think I just did something wrong, or didn't do something at all?
  6. noleson

    noleson TS Rookie

    and to avoid futher embarisment, i don't think i will check this forum and reply while at work.. i should have known that.

    Have you tried to uninstall then reinstall yet? often times that will fix the problem. if there is still a problem, then could you give a bit more detailed account of what you did to install and what the error is. Although i wouldn't run it on a laptop, but that's just me.


  7. AjaxRaksaw

    AjaxRaksaw TS Rookie

    Well, further embarrassment I suppose, SWEET SWEET IRONY!

    My friend has an Inspiron 6200 and he plays Oblivion, of course, he just turns collisions off and flies around like a *****.
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