Can't see text on Yahoo Messenger

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Nov 19, 2010
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  1. Shalindria

    Shalindria TS Rookie


    Just wanted to say thanks been having this problem for days I'm so glad this was here!
  2. rakmanbaba

    rakmanbaba TS Rookie

    None of this works for me!

    My Y! Messenger 10 US works correctly the first time upon installing. However, if I close it and open it a second time, I cant see the text in the instant message windows and the process hangs hogging 50% of the CPU resource and has to be killed from the task manager. If I uninstall the messenger from program features and then download and re-install it . I can again get it to work correctly for the first time but have the same result as above the second time onwards.

    I suspected it to be virus like behaviour and ran Malwarebytes and Housecall. Both found some trojan ware, 3 and 7 respectively( quite normal for a PC used heavily for internet browsing) which I cleaned. However, it made no difference. I have re-installed java and made sure ie9 settings allow safe activex scripts to run. I do not have any extra internet zones in the registry just 0,1,2,3,4

    At this point I am at a loss to know my next step. Please help!
  3. vilmer

    vilmer TS Rookie

    thank you

    this really works! i log in and create an account to say thanks a lot!
  4. mani3

    mani3 TS Rookie


    just registerd myslf to say thnks to owner of this thread n provindg this registry soln...

    God bless u !!!! really God bless u !!
  5. janvince28

    janvince28 TS Rookie


    hi buddy,
    youre solution is work for me..x 100.
  6. yukalocoloco

    yukalocoloco TS Rookie

    Hi! Guys. I'm not expert in computer. though I'm really Glad to help. thank you for the nice things I read from your post. also for those individual that I haven't replied on, MY BAD, sorry... its just that I don't know how to get back on this thread, fortunately some sort of force of nature (finding it again).
    The same thing with you guys before I was just looking for this kind of Solution for the same problem that we encountered, tried many things for the same situation. ending up into the right thread, and returning the favor.
    With that, Just so you know. I'm studying again for my 2nd course (Information technology) computer programming. I'm a Freshman again. hehehe. So Hope to see you soon, and Wish me luck with my new Endeavor. See you again soon. GOD BLESS.

    in addition, I like playing with Registry Key sometime, though I research first in forums or what not, before I change or remove something, then again be Careful, it might ruin your system.
    though sometimes when I encounter viruses, I'll check first my antivirus data base, and really find out what kind of viruses, malware, trojan (what not) that hit my pc. as soon as I know... Click start, type regedit, you'll see my computer then leftclick it once to highlight, click Edit or CTRL + F, you'll see find what. type the name of the VIRUS. then DELETE. press F3 to search automatically, all over again. though there are Viruses that can be deleted by doing safe mode, or in the MSCONFIG startup by disable the process.
    and there are viruses that I have to Reformat my PC (hehehe) like I said. im not a JEDI in computer.

    Reminder DONT PLAY WITH REGEDIT. do research first.

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