Can't start firewall, problems with audio, network drives [Log attached]

By SoySauce
Nov 4, 2011
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  1. I've been having problems connecting to the wireless for a while now. Sometimes restarting the computer temporarily fixes the problem, but nothing else has and even that is not consistent. Next, I started having problems with my audio, which could be fixed temporarily with Microsoft Fix It Center but the problem always comes back. Fix It will work on the audio issue once per boot, any more than that and I have to restart. Then the Firewall stopped working and every time I try to start the service I get an error. Now, the past couple times my computer starts up, I get an error balloon that says that it couldn't connect to all network drives. I hope I'm remembering that correctly.
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  2. gbhall

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    Interference with your installed anti-malware is a classic sign of malware infection - often a clever one. You should re-post in the malware forum of this site for a deep-clean.

    Also, there has been a recent MS patch KB956572 which unfortunately screwed up certain wireless functionality to the point that certain vendors had to re-issue their drivers for wireless networking. This might be (or contribute to) your problem. So update your wireless connection software to the latest version. Recommend you do not allow the singing/dancing bits of the software to install - just the driver.

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