Can't write to mbr???

By Jesse_hz
Apr 29, 2006
  1. Some time ago I downloaded and tried to install a bunch of different linux distributions (hate the word distro) and nomatter what dist i tried to install I always kept getting a message from my bios telling me there's no OS or something on the drive and I was getting really annoyed by it so I tried installing fedora on my moms computer and I had the same problem, then I found some info on how to install the bootloader manually using the commandline and it worked on my mom's computer, but made no difference on my computer.
    I can't remember but I think that it told me it couldn't find fedora (not sure, can't remember).

    But in any case I don't really understand why none of the dists couldn't install the bootoader to the mbr, even thought I specified that I wanted one in the dists where I had the option.

    Also, when trying to overwrite fedora with windows, it wouldn't put the "windows-nt-stuff" in the mbr. I had to do a fixmbr->fixboot to get it to work.
  2. Vigilante

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    Check your BIOS for virus protection entry. Some BIOSes have options to protect the boot sector and prevent changes.

    Otherwise, the HDD may need a low level wipe. Or "zeroing" out the drive. It may not be a true low level format, but if you go to the website of your hard drive manufacturer, they usually have tools for doing such things. Of course, this will erase all data.
  3. Jesse_hz

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    Thank you very much!

    Thanx! :)
    Neither my Asus or my mom's Compaq OEM bios seems to have virus or mbr protection (well I couldn't find it), so I'll get around to doing that "wipe" once I resolder the pins I broke off my harddrive back on :eek:

    And thanx for the fast response!
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