'Castlevania' fan remake puts Unreal Engine 4 to good use

By Shawn Knight ยท 7 replies
Nov 1, 2016
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  1. Game developers and publishers aren’t always thrilled when fans take it upon themselves to remake games based on their intellectual property which is why you’d better download this gorgeous take on the opening stages of the original Castlevania before the powers that be put an end to it.

    The creator of this remake, dejawolf, notes that Castlevania: Remade in Unreal is about a year in the making. The latest revision delivers a massive framerate improvement in certain areas (dynamic lighting from particle effects was apparently the culprit). That said, there’s still plenty of work that can be done to further optimize the game as the GTX 860M-equipped laptop dejawolf runs the game on still struggles at times.

    All things considered, the demo looks absolutely stunning and really makes you wonder what could be done in an official capacity if Konami was to get behind the project.

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  2. stewi0001

    stewi0001 TS Evangelist Posts: 1,685   +1,085

    Konami would only make it worse
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  3. cldmstrsn

    cldmstrsn TS Addict Posts: 141   +90

    Looks awesome! as a HUGE Castlevania fan I have to say kudos to this guy but he definitely needs to improve the walking because it looks janky as hell and I hope he improves that but other than that I would get this in a heartbeat.
  4. Alex Voinica

    Alex Voinica TS Booster Posts: 73   +62

    This is made out of passion, that is why it will always be good. Few studios make games out of passion. Each year they sell us reskinned old games.
    First Castlevania Lords of Shadow was gorgeous but the second one was just meh.
    Kudos to this guy and hope to see an improved version and maybe early access on Steam if he gets the copyright somehow.
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  5. Slappy McPhee

    Slappy McPhee TS Enthusiast Posts: 59   +20

    These types of publications don't help the chap doing the work. If the OP owner gets a bug in their a$$ they could kill it before he gets even close to completion of the game.
  6. braggert ha

    braggert ha TS Rookie

    I remember being a small kid and watching my older brother playing castlevania 4. It gave me nightmares for weeks afterwards. Funny, because I watch videos of it now on youtube and I'm like... really?.... I got nightmares from those 2d pixels? lol
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  7. Darth Shiv

    Darth Shiv TS Evangelist Posts: 1,811   +472

    The engine and ingame content looks pretty awesome. I'd love to see him work on the potion and text display up top. I think it's a bit out of theme considering how the engine makes the game look. Maybe a more gothicy font, a more modern potion appearance (3D, more rustic, less bright homogenous blue). The health bars as well. Less old console style as it looks a bit out of place when compared to the work presented in the engine.
  8. Very cool. The forehand/backhand whipping is such a neat idea. The light on Simon... isn't. But that could be easily changed. The sound effects for the mer-men were GREAT. Loved it.

    The thing that really stands out, though, is just how compelling the music in NES games was. I will never understand why developers, now, choose boring mood-music instead of compelling, melodic music that actually propels the action forward.

    This exact same video with incidental mood-music would be lumbering and boring. Same game. Different mood entirely.

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